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Air Conditioning Energy Assessments (ACEA)

An Air Conditioning Energy Assessment is required for air-conditioning systems, where the effective rated output is more than 12kW the first ACEA inspection must take place by the 4th January 2011

At Two Tone Sustainability, we work with Energy Intelligence UK who are a team of dedicated, independent* Air Conditioning Energy Assessors. All assessors are Level 4 qualified and produce reports to the highest standards. Inspections must be undertaken at least every five years.

It is the duty of the person responsible for the technical functioning of the system to ensure that a certificate is in place.
If you don’t have an Air Conditioning Energy Assessment certificate properly in place, you could face a £300 fine until a certificate is acquired.

The Assessment will include:

  • An inspection of your building's air conditioning systems, including the chiller units, ductwork, air handling units, terminal units, and controls.
  • A copy of the certificate which will also have been lodged through our accredited body and lodgment onto the Landmark Register. With the accompanying advisory report designed to reduce running costs. It will contain an audit and description of the equipment inspected and the control methods installed in the building.
  • If F-Gases are present we can provide regular scheduled inspections.
  • The option to engage us further to help you make the best commercially sensitive decisions, factoring in your business objectives, risks and costs.

*Air Conditioning maintenance companies may not be able to provide an ‘Independent’ inspection if they currently maintain your systems.

Two Tone Sustainability can offer this service at a highly competitive rate and reduce costs further with multiple buildings awarded.


If you require any further information,
or would like to discuss how we can help your organisation,
please contact Two Tone Sustainability at your earliest opportunity.

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