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F-Gas Register & Leak Check

Under the European F Gas Regulation (842/2006) owners of stationary refrigeration and air conditioning equipment containing HFC refrigerants have an obligation to maintain system records.

Records must be kept about each system with more than 3 kg of HFC refrigerant. This was a legal obligation from 4 July 2007. The records must include the following information:

  • The quantity and type of F gas refrigerants installed in each system
  • Any quantities of refrigerant added
  • The quantity of refrigerant recovered during servicing, maintenance and final disposal.
  • Other relevant information including the identification of the company or technician who performed the servicing or maintenance, as well as the dates and results of leakage checks and leakage detection system checks, name of the Operator.
  • Relevant information specifically identifying the separate stationary equipment containing 30kg or more of refrigerant.
  • These records must be made available on request to the competent authority and to the Commission.

The checking for leakage timetable is graduated in line with the amount of F gas contained in the application as follows:

  • at least once every twelve months for applications containing 3kg or more of F gases (this shall not apply to equipment with hermetically sealed systems, which are labeled as such and contain less than 6kg of F gases)
  • at least once every six months for applications containing 30kg or more of F gases
  • at least once every 3 months for applications containing 300kg or more of F gases

Two Tone Sustainability can carry out the implementation of your F-Gas refrigerant log sheets
and undertake the required leak checks.

If you require any further information,
or would like to discuss how we can help your organisation,
please contact Two Tone Sustainability at your earliest opportunity.

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